Noisey Calls Jay Z A Messy Bitch; The Irony

Noisey Calls Jay Z A Messy Bitch; The Irony

Recently Jay Z pulled off all his albums from Spotify. This triggered Noisey to do some real hoe shit.

Let’s face it; Jay Z will never be the Jay many of us so dearly miss. The spitter known as Jigga who emobied rags to riches get it how you live attitude is no longer; the du rag got traded in for a cashmere cable knit.¬†Nevertheless the man is to be respected for being arguably the greatest rapper of all time.

Apparently his albums will only be available on TIDAL (or YouTube for you crabs who don’t mind commercials) moving forward. In the wake of the announcement Noisey reffered to Hov as a “messy bitch” via Twitter.

Noisey has a lot of nerve considering they clearly employ journalists that are the farthest thing from Hip-Hop. Here we have a very nerdy Thomas Morton interviewing Young Jeezy for Vice; about experiencing Freaknik in the 90’s at that (bonus points to Jeezy for the never ending chin rubs).

Vice with Young Jeezy: The most awkward rap… by VBS_tv

These guys lack authority to slander such an iconic Hip-Hop figure let alone guide our culture for us. Do we know if they have scuffed their Nikes in a standing room only sweatbox club to see M.O.P. perform “Downtown Swinga ’96”? If I uttered the words blue and creme to them would they be able to relate? You need more people.

The problem is credibility is no longer required in Hip-Hop (at least Culture Vulture Vlad was a reputable mixtape DJ at one time) so I am only left to assume Noisey will continue to question¬†your culture when they don’t even know the half.

Photo: Twitter Screenshot

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