Black Celebrities Meeting With Donald Trump, A Big Waste Of Time

Black Celebrities Meeting With Donald Trump, A Big Waste Of Time

President Donald Trump; I am still not sure how to make sense of that. And I am still trying to understand how there are Black people, famous or not, who support him.

You have Steve Harvey meeting with Trump, to “see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities”. Whether Mr. Harvey was told ahead of time of Trump’s budget idea of cutting 6 billion dollars from HUD (U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development) is unknown.  

Then there’s Kanye who proclaimed he would have voted for Trump if he had even bothered to vote, then meets with him post the election for a photo opportunity. I have to ask, who is that? By many accounts there are fans of Kanye who will be targeted, harassed, detained, imprisoned and kicked out of this country because of Trump’s policies.

But Kanye let us know that he met with POTUS because he wanted “to discuss multicultural issues,” “issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago.” But we don’t know if Trump explained to Kanye the importance of keeping Muslims out of the country and of separating mothers from their children as a means to end “illegal” immigrationDid POTUS let Kanye know that he was going to appoint a woman who does not believe in public education as the head of the public education system

So to the Black folks who support this POTUS, who want to build bridges with this POTUS, who have met with this POTUS, so far, what good has come out it? I’ll wait.  

Photo: Youtube Screen Capture

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