Why I Don’t Find Charlamagne Tha God Credible; Part 1

Why I Don’t Find Charlamagne Tha God Credible; Part 1

Hate him or love him, Charlamagne Tha God is now the golden boy of urban radio. But don’t be fooled; he does a lot of sucker shit that goes under the radar.

Admittedly, I used to listen to The Breakfast Club every morning like many of you in NYC do. Then everything about the show started to get old to m, so I’d only tune in here and there.

Over the years Charlamagne, real name Lenard McKelvey, has positioned himself as not only Hip-Hop’s polarizing broadcaster but also as a self-proclaimed voice of reason of sorts. My problem is either he is playing both sides or has a hidden agenda.

For some time now, The Breakfast Club has been dealing with a White racist terrorizing the show with hate-filled “live” calls. But it is actually Charlamagne on the phone. With all the racial tension going on in this country, , why is Lenard calling into his own show as a racist via a poorly disguised voice? Listen for yourself.

Considering African-American men were getting bodied every other week in 2016, this is a gross misuse of platform. I am super curious to hear his response to this. If he is race baiting for ratings in this current climate of hate then he is no worse than Donald Trump. If it was a comedy skit, then where is the humor?

My guess he might have went Oreo after he got jumped. But apparently niggas get jumped everyday B.

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