Remy Ma Is Now The Dumb Ass

Remy Ma Is Now The Dumb Ass

Remy Ma just released a second diss record going at Nicki Minaj titled “Another One”. Sadly she went from showing flashes of a God MC to having a very underwhelming “Super Ugly” moment.

The worst part about it Remy didn’t need to do this. “Shether” stunned the Hip-Hop community as one of the greatest diss songs ever; yes ever. She remade a Nas classic that incorporated technical battle rap schemes that are URL main event worthy (the Nicki name flips were stellar), hit hard with memorable punchlines and dismantled Spongebob’s entire rise to fame. A masterful performance to say the least.

Now five days later she shit the bed in what I can only imagine was her attempt to capitalize on Nicki’s silence or do her best Drake “Back To Back” impression. The beat is weak but so is the hook so who knows what Remy was thinking with this one (isn’t Papoose screening all her music?).

To make the situation worse Remy claims that Spongebob is cock blocking her money so she went to Instagram and posted a throwback picture of Nicki Minaj in some trashy lingerie that looks pre the butt job.

Remember in 2002 when Jay Z’s soul was burning slow and he stooped to leaving condom’s in the baby seat? Just like Jigga I have a feeling Reminisce will regret this record.

Photo: HOT97 / Youtube Screenshot

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