Never Forget: When DJ Vlad Accepted His Fate As A Culture Vulture

Never Forget: When DJ Vlad Accepted His Fate As A Culture Vulture

In the last last two years or so the term Culture Vulture has gained some real popularity when describing some of the unsavory individuals in the Hip-Hop business. When DJ Vlad admitted that he consider filming a VladTV at a rapper’s funeral, I knew then he was a special type of culture vulture.

The year was 2009. Joe Budden and his former pal Ransom had some issues that spilled over to real deal street beef. In short one of Ransom’s weed carriers slapped fire out of one of Joe’s associates (did we ever figure who dude was?) in front of his home and things got serious.

Thankfully the tension died down and no more violence ensued (to my limited knowledge – the only New Jersey rappers I have ever cared about were Treach, Redman and LOTUG when they were Chief Rockin).

Sometime after that Joe went on Angela Yee’s Lip Service radio show and Vlad called in. What ensued was culture vulture magic. Joe hypothetically asked him if he would film from Ransom’s funeral. Vlad’s response: “possibly”.

To me Vlad is the ultimate culture culture. He has a massive online following, will often capture content that will either make Hip-Hop look bad or fuel more fire to a beef and will not have to deal with any of the repercussions.

Just to think he was the guy behind that The Notorious B.I.G. Rap Phenomenon mixtape. SMH.

Photo: Youtube Screen Capture

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